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Saying Good Bye to A Good Friend. Cancer took her one month ago.

I met a “Wonder Woman” two years ago on BCAN. Something clicked between us.  We have the same first name but lived on opposite coasts.  We both love reading, the arts, and travel.  The different intrigued us.  We had both lost sons way too early in their lives.  We are both outwardly hard and difficult but soft and gooey on the inside.  We love food and deplored exercise. We often felt like we were separated at birth some how.  She was truly my sister in every sense of the word.

We used email to communicate.  I loved getting one late at night or early morning. Knowing from the sound of my phone it was she.  She survived breast cancer, having stents in her veins, other problems and then bladder cancer.  We emailed when she got treatments and when I had surgery.

We promised to get together but cancer kept getting in the way.  Then in early Autumn, she and her husband just came to my east coast location.  We had two days to hug and talk and eat.  It was an unexpected present.  She travelled to Vermont to see the leaves, a real New England Autumn.

Then she collapsed and an inoperable brain tumor was discovered.  She managed to get home and we were in constant communication. She was to see the doctor on Monday. She had a hemorrhage and died Sunday night.

I miss her.  I know she is around me in all the wonder of the universe.  She was a beautiful, unexpected gift. I miss her.


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One response to “Saying Good Bye to A Good Friend. Cancer took her one month ago.

  1. Diana Adams ⋅

    I am sure knowing you helped her through her last months.

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